Hey TGL iEstates family! We hope that you are all okay and you had a great week and weekend. Today is a new beginning to the week and a brand-new day, so let’s all get up and chase our dreams and achieve them, we know you can do it! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that we were able to wake up this morning and to continue doing what makes us happy. At TGL iEstates we are always here for any questions you have, and we are always happy to give advice.

Let’s start this week’s blog with what has been happening in the property market.

UK house prices rise at fastest rate since 2014. The effect of government intervention and the pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the house prices. The average prices have increased 8.5% in the year to December 2020, up from 7.1% in November. The mini boom was also driven by increased demand, as people trapped inside by months of lockdown reassessed what they wanted from their homes. However, as the prices are increasing there are some that are decreasing, and from what we have seen it has decreased dramatically with percentages up to 50, now that is crazy.

Everyone expected house prices to go up with everything that is going on, however you’re probably not looking at the right places, if you are reading this you have hit the jackpot by choosing to work with us. Of course, there is not going to be a great deal of excitement for more rises, however with the current time it can’t be prevented.

Meanwhile, the crash crisis among some renters right now reflects the fact that so many young people rent, and they are more likely to have their income affected by the current situation. Now we all know that not every landlord is the same, some more understanding than others, however with us you will encounter landlords that understand that it is a difficult time for everyone.

You’ve probably read through this and now you are wondering about our properties you ask? Oh well let us tell you now. Our property that we have in Gordon Road, Carshalton is still looking for a lovely tenant or owner, head over to the properties that we have, and have a look see if you are interested or if you know anyone that is.

Well, that’s it for now family, we will see you next week!

Stay blessed and have a beautiful week.

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