Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. The referral fee is non-transferable cash amount to be paid by direct bank transfer once a successful exchange of contract has been secured on a property or land owned by the referred landlord or owner. A successful let or sale is deemed to be achieved once a agreement has been signed by both parties.
  2. Only one referral fee will be paid per landlord/owner, no further payments will be made for additional properties.
  3. In the event that the same landlord is referred by two or more people, the referral fee will be paid out to the first party only.
  4. Referral fees will be paid for new clients only, not on our existing landlords.
  5. Permission to refer must be sought from the landlord prior to marking contact with us.
  6. You must register the referral with us by either phone, email or online and the landlord must also provide your details to us at the point of first contact.
  7. TGL iEstates reserves the right to decline an instruction.

Referral credit - Is a bank transfer from TGL iEstates to referrer bank accountant.

TGL iEstates reserve the right to alter or withdraw this referral credit at any time and without warning. Should a dispute arise at any time, TGL iEstates decision is final.

The person making the referral confirms that they have sought the consent of the landlord prior to making the referral to TGL iEstates, and that the landlord being referred will be expecting communication from / with TGL iEstates. Should this not be the case the person making the referral accepts and agrees to re-imburse any personal and financial liability / loss incurred by TGL iEstates.


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